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Inside Pooja's Portfolio

My attempt at showcasing my portfolio is to focus on the multitude of different practices and careers. So far, I have enjoyed my journey and a lot of it has been self-taught. This also helped me explore different avenues and experience different aspects of art, expression and presentation.
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What's hot and what's not.

In today's world technology is even more dynamic than before. It becomes even more imperative to keep up with the latest trends.


I am exploring the possibility of expanding this section with a future blog covering the new technologies and tutorials.
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Pooja and her virtual thoughts

Process documentation is the key to making any project a success and I am documenting my ten week web development process for a corporate website through a blog. This is also a part of my project for Emory's Web Development Capstone project and it intends to bring students, faculty, friends and websurfers together to share related discussions and experiences.
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